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Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics

10 Sep, 2023 | Genetics, Preventative Healthcare

Know how your lifestyle choices interact with your genes

Epigenetics is one of the latest and most intensely studied fields of scientific research. It refers to situations where non-genetic factors cause your genes to behave (or “express themselves”) differently. Some examples of factors that can epigenetically influence the expression of your genes include nutritional and lifestyle factors, exposure to toxins, quality of sleep and even emotions. These changes in genetic expression set in motion physiological events that will result in either optimal or suboptimal functioning of your body, health, or disease.

Nutrigenomics assesses how one’s genetic make-up determines what type of diet and other lifestyle factors are required to achieve and maintain good health. Nutrigenomic testing can detect genetic shifts that can make you vulnerable to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cognitive decline, and certain cancers. However, the types of genetic shifts studied in nutrigenomic (called single-nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) can be modified by specific lifestyle and dietary changes as well as individualised, targeted supplementation. In order words, specific diet and lifestyle changes can be prescribed to epigenetically modify the risks and benefits associated with your genetic makeup, to minimise your genetic weakness while maximising your genetic strengths.

There truly is no one-size-fits-all in health and the tests make it possible to tailor specific solutions to optimise your health. Several tests are available:

DNA Core

The most comprehensive, single test, looking at many aspects of your health, including several biological processes and the genetic risk of developing chronic diseases, optimal nutrition, and exercise and weight management. The Core test combines the Health, Diet and Sport reports.

DNA Health

This test considers various biological processes involved in methylation, lipid metabolism, bone health, insulin sensitivity, oxidative stress, detoxification, gluten and lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivity and more. Excellent for getting an overall picture of your potential strengths and struggles from a process perspective.

DNA Diet

Ideal for anyone looking to tailor their eating habits to best support their specific genetic make-up. Recommendations are based on lipid metabolism, carbohydrate and saturated fat responsiveness, timing of meals and circadian rhythms. This is where we really see that one size does not fit all, as some individual may flourish on a low-fat diet, while other may do better on a Mediterranean or ketogenic diet.

DNA Sport

Find out what kind of training is best suited to you and precautions to take to avoid injury and speed up recovery. We look at power and endurance potential, caffeine metabolism, salt sensitivity and peak performance time.

DNA Active

A combination of DNA Sport and Diet, tailored to fitness coaches and personal trainers to design bespoke training and nutrition programs for their clients.

DNA Mind

Biological areas specific to neurology are interrogated and risk factors for cognitive decline, mood regulation, addictive behaviour and stress and anxiety are considered.

DNA Oestrogen

Oestrogen metabolism influences many processes in the body, and when not optimal can increase the risk for developing breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancer, as well as endometriosis and increased PMS symptoms. Results can provide guidance on dietary changes and nutritional supplements to mitigate any such risks.

DNA GrowBaby

This report is ideal for any woman wishing to fall pregnant and can provide guidance on how to optimise their health from preconception to birth and beyond. Positive changes will not only improve their own health. But that of the baby too.

DNA Skin

Central processes such as detoxification, oxidative stress and inflammation are considered specific for skin health and analysed along with elasticity, sun sensitivity and pigmentation.

DNA Smile

This report considers the predisposition to developing tooth caries and periodontal disease by analysing genes involved in immunity, inflammation, detoxification, lipid metabolism and sweet-tooth predisposition.

DNA Resilience

Structured to provide guidance on how best to manage stress and perform optimally. It looks at a combination of processes involved in physical and mental health and ways on which to optimise strengths and mitigate against potential weaknesses.

DNA Medcheck

Take the guess work out of which prescription drugs will work for you. This is a pharmacogenomics test that analyses potential responses to medications, both therapeutic benefit and risk for side-effects. An extensive list of approximately 200 medications is checked.


The most comprehensive ancestry test in Africa, looking back thousands of years to trace where your ancestors came from. Genetic variations in your DNA are analysed and compared with established population databases to show you your ancestral genetic make-up.

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