Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) or hair analysis provides a unique reading of heavy metal and mineral levels in the cells of the hair from over a two to three month period. It takes into consideration that toxins are stored in the tissues of the body, not in the blood.

This analysis may be used as a screening aid for determining mineral deficiencies, excesses, and/or imbalances as well as being a sensitive indicator of the long-term effects of diet, stress, toxic metal exposure and their effects of your mineral balance that is difficult to obtain through other clinical tests.


The Comprehensive Hair Tissue Analysis report details graph results for 8 toxic heavy metals/elements,
15 nutritional minerals/elements, 15 additional elements, 7 significant mineral ratios, and 9 toxic metal ratios.

For more information on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis you may download this PDF document.


To do a HTMA test one must:

  • Make sure that your hair is clean and dry
  • Do not use anti-dandruff shampoo, if you do then change to another shampoo for 3 weeks before having a hair sample taken.
  • If the hair is dyed or highlighted, wait 4 weeks and then take the sample.

If you are interested in having an HTMA test done you please make an appointment with Dr Tanith Davidson by visiting our contact page.